The Long Beach Police Department uses Laserfiche software to give officers instant access to the information and images they need to make gang arrests—right from their patrol cars.

Gang injunctions are court-issued restraining orders prohibiting gang members from participating in specific activities such as loitering, smoking marijuana or wearing gang colors. These injunctions allow officers to arrest named gang members for injunction violations rather than waiting for a more serious crime to occur.

In order to make an arrest based on a gang injunction, officers must first confirm that the gang member in question has previously been served a copy of all court documents related to the injunction. In the past, tracking down the paperwork was a time-intensive task that resulted in missed opportunities to make arrests.

Today, Laserfiche allows officers to instantly access injunction-related documents from their patrol cars.chris zamora

Former Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell (now the Sheriff of Los Angeles County), said, “By pairing technology with the gang injunction process, we’ve enhanced our ability to reduce violent crime.”

Learn more about this exciting gang prevention program by downloading our white paper, “Using Technology to Stop Street Gangs: How the Long Beach Police Department Boosted Gang Arrests by 650%.”

Long Beach Police Department Gang injunction

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