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A More Secure File Sharing Solution For Your Business

Information sharing with those outside of an organization is a standard business practice for any industry. However, with more options than ever for employees to share files in a time where security and privacy are ever-increasing concerns, organizations must offer more secure and trusted tools that allow file sharing without sacrificing convenience and governance. Traditional approaches such as email attachments or old-fashioned paper have no audit tracking and usually lack additional security measures to prevent unwarranted access. Direct Share is built into Laserfiche, providing a more transparent and secure way to share files via the cloud from a familiar view that staff use every day.
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  • Help Protect Sensitive Files and Promote Compliance

    Take advantage of password-protected links, automatic expiration dates and built-in cloud security to support compliance and mitigate unwarranted access to content shared with others.

  • Gain Transparency on Shared Documents

    Stay on top of the who, what, where and when with a unified audit trail that tracks file sharing and download activity at each step of the way.

  • Keep All Shared Files Centralized

    Conveniently share files in Laserfiche from where you already collaborate and store your organization’s important information – without having to learn a new platform.


See How St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District More Securely Shares Files

“For the first time in the history of the organization, we can send documents externally securely and safely and we could have documents coming into the organization externally and securely. Both of those are game changers.”

—John Daly, Information Governance Manager

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Share your files with outside sources while keeping up to date data privacy and governance rules.
Find out how Laserfiche direct share can help keep your files and information secure.
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Why Businesses and Organizations Need Secure File Sharing

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