Records Management

Modernize Your Records Management Strategy

No matter the organization, determining how to manage the records lifecycle is a critical consideration to reduce risk and satisfy regulatory and legal requirements. However, traditional manual approaches can fall short in facilitating effective governance, opening risk for higher costs and litigation concerns. Laserfiche is a pioneer in supporting organizations in highly regulated industries with records management tools that provide unparalleled 360-degree view of records to help strengthen compliance across all content and processes.

Discover Simplified Compliance with Comprehensive Records Lifecycle Management

Leverage a centralized platform guided by DoD 5015.2 principles to automate routine records management tasks, flexibly set retention schedules and more, so you can better focus on building governance across the enterprise.
  • Convenient Centralized Experience

    View record timelines, modify properties and perform actions such as cutoff or final disposition, all from a single location.

  • Regulatory Compliance Across All Devices

    Store only one copy of a record in a centralized place to help enforce records management policies across all devices.

  • Safeguarded Records

    Granular user permissions and built-in platform security help protect records from inappropriate and unauthorized access.

  • Automatic Notifications

    Easily keep records managers up to date on record statuses by sending out automated notices when to archive or destroy records.

  • Strict Compliance Support

    Preserve records in a non-readable, non-erasable format to support the most stringent of policies and regulations, such as FINRA.

  • Routine Task Automation

    Automatically classify incoming documents and apply appropriate retention schedules to promote consistency.

  • Easily Create Reports

    Generate records reports to quickly identify items that may need to be reviewed or processed.

  • Records Transparency

    Maintain audit reports to track records activity and publish records via a public portal to further satisfy compliance needs.

  • Legal Holds

    Flexibly pause a record’s lifecycle in the event of legal or regulatory action to support e-discovery matters.

“We want the ability to innovate and move forward. We will be using Laserfiche has a fundamental component in transforming our business. We will be moving more of our services online. We will be protecting our critical business records. And we will be improving our working environment and improving our efficiency.”

– Ed Clague, Registrar General, Isle of Man Central Registry

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