Preserve Records Integrity

Impose compliance with Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2-certified records management

Centralize Records

Enforce records management policies across all devices by storing only one copy of a record in a centralized repository

Automate Routine Tasks

Save employee time by automatically classifying and applying disposition schedules to incoming records

Enable Regulatory Compliance

  • Promote compliance with regulatory mandates such as SEC, FINRA, FOIA, HIPAA and more
  • Support e-discovery and data retention policies
Laserfiche SEC, FINRA, FOIA, HIPAA compliant document repository screen
Secure and safeguard electronic records with DoD 5015.2 version 3-certified records manager

Safeguard Electronic Records

  • Protect records with DoD 5015.2 version 3-certified electronic records management, a widely accepted government standard
  • Ensure long-term data preservation with a standard format that meets Victorian Electronic Record Strategy (VERS) V2 requirements

Simplify Records Management

  • Easily manage the lifecycle of documents and get notified when documents are ready for disposition
  • Auto-file newly created records according to industry regulations and corporate policies
Laserfiche Metadata manager helps simplify records management

Streamline operations without compromising system security

  • Extensive Cutoff Options

    Cutoff records based on time, event, a combination of those, and more

  • Unified Content

    Keep all records in one, secure, centralized digital repository, classified by type and retention

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Generate reports to identify records that are ready for disposition

  • Quick Records Search

    Search for records based on retention schedules or cutoff dates

  • Intuitive Classification

    Group records based on their retention and disposition schedules

  • Centralized Control

    Give records managers control over how information is categorized and filed

“What I like about Laserfiche is that in just three clicks, we’re in the electronic health record. For a clinician, especially our doctors, that time matters to them.”

—Cindy Shrum, Director of Information Systems, Alabama Department of Mental Health

Original artwork by Alabama Department of Mental Health patient

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