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Earlier this year, we launched the Laserfiche Solution Marketplace, making process automation and digital transformation easier and more accessible with a collection of low-code solution templates.

Digital transformation is crucial for enterprises. Thoughtful transformation helps organizations optimize costs, automate repetitive processes to save time and resources, and streamline operations to foster innovation. In industries like healthcare, digital transformation has a profound impact. Nine in 10 healthcare providers hope they can achieve better patient outcomes through digital transformation. In other sectors, such as government, the available solution templates can streamline adopting technology and digitizing legacy processes. But not every organization knows exactly where to start with their transformations.

That’s why the Marketplace is so valuable. The solution templates and their accompanying explanations represent our industry expertise and product knowledge. This potent combination allows organizations to build on existing best practices and even tailor solutions to fit unique needs.

Customers leverage solutions for any infrastructure

Customers have demonstrated just how valuable the Marketplace is to them. Since we launched the Laserfiche Solution Marketplace nearly five months ago, more than 850 customers have completed more than 2,150 downloads.

Most processes in the Marketplace are offered with both cloud and self-hosted versions, allowing each process to be useful for customers regardless of the type of Laserfiche system they use. Additionally, every process in the Marketplace is customizable, to fit any organization’s individual digital transformation needs.

Industries demonstrate common needs with download volume

Customers across all industries are finding useful solutions in the Marketplace, and we’re excited to watch these industries prioritize digital transformation of their key processes. Verticals with some of the heaviest download volume include:

  • Government (over 800 downloads*)
  • Education (over 300 downloads*)
  • Financial services (over 200 downloads*)

Healthcare and manufacturing organizations also represent a sizeable portion of Solution Marketplace activity.

As use of the Solution Marketplace expands, we’re excited to watch our customers improve their employee productivity, their customer satisfaction and their business outcomes. One education provider, for example, extolled the prebuilt templates with workflows, forms and customizable integrations. That trifecta has enabled the education institution to fit solutions to their needs and leverage existing, industry-vetted designs and best practices. Because of the Laserfiche Solution Marketplace offerings, the education provider can focus instead on building a strong learning environment and experience for students.

Popular processes reflect current state of work

Employee hiring and offboarding are among the most popular processes that visitors to the Marketplace request, demonstrating just how competitive and active the job market is.

Marketplace visitors also downloaded IT help desk templates often. Today, more organizations are leaning into long-term remote or hybrid work arrangements that require digital, automated processes for these IT requests.

Other standout downloads include “CSS/JavaScript/Formula Examples” to customize forms, “Contract Management System” to automate the stages of a contract lifecycle, and “Account Payable/Purchase Order” templates to simplify requests/workflows.

Growing together as a community

As the Solution Marketplace continues to expand, we hope you will grow with us. The Marketplace is open for user submissions so that all participants can contribute to and be empowered by this community of innovators.

Process automation and digital transformation are not just items to check off a list. They’re tools that help companies turn information bottlenecks into innovation highways, enhance the customer experience and drive business forward.

The Laserfiche Solution Marketplace has already come so far since its inception, with more than 2,150 downloads and counting. Visit the Marketplace today, submit a request, download a solution and be part of the forward momentum.

*Numbers reflect the downloads at the time of publication.

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