Empower Advisors to Improve The Client Experience

Manage and centralize data across systems into a secure, single source of truth. Automate business critical operations so advisors can focus on client engagement while saving operational costs.

Implement a Digital Experience for Increased Client Satisfaction

Low-code process automation tools like Laserfiche Forms provide an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for smooth client engagement. Automated workflows eliminate manual steps in client-facing processes by pre-populating information and digitizing the review and approval stages.

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Free Up Employees Time and Save Operational Costs

Extract valuable data from all types of content with cloud and AI-driven tools, like Laserfiche’s Intelligent Data Capture. Implement automated workflows which reduce manual and repetitive operational tasks while facilitating team collaboration. Advisors and back-office employees can now focus on client engagements and other high value priorities.

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Simplify Audits and Reduce Risk of Non-Compliance

Centralize all types of communications and documentations within a permission-based, secure repository with metadata and audit trails that enable easier audits. Address emerging regulatory requirements including SEC Rule 17a-4 and FINRA with Laserfiche Records Management to reduce compliance costs and mitigate potential risks of fines and legal litigation.

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Easily Establish a Digital Ecosystem with Low-Code Integrations

Enable seamless connections between Laserfiche and other 3rd party applications like SalesForce®, Laser App®, Microsoft Dynamics®, Redtail® and DocuSign®, with low-code, prebuilt integration tools that enhance information flow and data accuracy. Leverage free, prebuilt solution templates to jumpstart automation and accelerate your return on investment.

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