Modernize Operations. Reduce Staff Burden.

Operational excellence starts by simplifying the way healthcare professionals work.

A Holistic Way To Operate Healthcare

Laserfiche provides a reliable and scalable content services platform (CSP) with intelligent data AI-capture tools and process automation that delivers digital-first client experiences while increasing operational efficiency. Focus on what matters most – providing the highest standard of care for those you serve.

Bolster Your HIPAA Compliance Efforts

Secure and protect data across organizations with a trusted and proven platform. Laserfiche includes records management tools like audit trail to use in compliance initiatives.

Synergize All Types of Record Keeping

With cloud-based integrations, you can sync your organization’s legacy processes and technologies, so clinicians, physicians, staff and patients can access their records anywhere, anytime.

Immediately Reduce Workload

With powerful workflow automation, easily capture and populate information between departments, and eliminate the need for manual data entry from healthcare professionals and patients.

Put Patients at the Center of Care

Digitize patient touchpoints to make sure anyone taking care of a patient has the full picture. The Laserfiche platform allows medical professionals to share information securely and in compliance with regulations and retention laws.

Optimize Revenue Cycle Management

Streamline information from insurance claims processing to direct patient billing, improve mitigation of claims processing and reduce back-and-forth, while improving relationships between healthcare providers and insurance providers.

IT & Information Governance

Reduce the burden on your IT team with security controls built into Laserfiche Cloud, and support compliance with your organization’s policies.

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