The upcoming business process feature in Laserfiche can automate your existing business processes, provide valuable reporting information and let employees know what they need to do next to keep the process moving.

These business processes are workflows created in Laserfiche Workflow that report extra information in Laserfiche Workflow, the Laserfiche Client and Laserfiche Web Access. Business processes can be started with the click of a button from the Client or Web Access.

How it works

When an employee opens a document in the Laserfiche Client or Laserfiche Web Access, a pane next to the document displays personalized instructions for how he needs to interact with the document.

BP Pane Tech Tip

After he fulfills the instructions, a summary of his actions (the resolution) is shown in the history section of this pane.

Note: Since this is a preview, the details and appearances of certain elements may change between now and the final release.

Configuring instructions and resolutions for business processes

When you create a business process in Laserfiche Workflow, one of the key activities you will use is the Business Process Step activity. A business process step generally includes one or more Workflow activities that accomplish a specific goal in a business process. A business process step also reports the instructions, due date, participants and resolution of that segment of a business process.

BP Step for tech tip

As part of the Business Process Step activity, you can leave instructions for the employee about what he must do for the business process to continue. By using tokens, you can make these instructions dynamic so they provide relevant and useful instructions when the business process runs.

In Laserfiche Workflow:

Instructions in WF

In the Client:

BP instructions in client

In Laserfiche Workflow, you can provide a resolution of the step as well. If you have provided a due date for the step, you can configure one resolution that will appear before the due date and an alternate resolution that will appear if the due date has passed.

In Workflow:

Resolutions in WF

In the Client:


Resolution in client

Overdue resolution

Overdue Resolution in client

For more information about Laserfiche business processes, see the Coming Soon: Business Processes tech tip.

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