One can’t help but notice that college basketball fans seem to be as obsessed with their March Madness brackets as they are with watching the actual games. Even President Obama took a break from his executive duties to fill out his Final Four flowchart.

Flowcharts can be applied to almost any scenario, from business processes like employee on boarding to thought processes such as, “Should I drink water?”

Laserfiche Workflow water bottle

Obey your thirst—for LOGIC!

Funny flowcharts are like Spock from Star Trek—an elegant balance of logic and entertainment.

Here are ten flowcharts that will make you smile (and forget all about your failed March Madness bracket).

1. Pictionary

pictionary flowchart

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2. Happiness

happiness flowchart


3. Whip It

Whip It flowchart

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4. Engineering

engineering flowchart


5. Computer Hackers

computer hacker flowchart


6. Hey Jude

Hey Jude flowchart


7. Email

Email flowchart