It’s once again the time of year when March Madness chatter engulfs the office and employees are suddenly interested in flowcharts. Even non-NCAA fans can get in on the action with the Wall Street Journal’s handy, automated bracket builder called “The Madness Machine.”

Flowcharts can be applied to almost any scenario, from business processes like employee onboarding to thought processes such as, “Should I drink water?” Funny flowcharts are like Spock from Star Trek—an elegant balance of logic and entertainment.

Laserfiche Workflow water bottle

Here are ten flowcharts that will make you smile (and forget all about your failed March Madness bracket).

  1. Pictionary

pictionary flow chart

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  1. Happiness

happiness flow chart


  1. Whip It

Whip It flow chart

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  1. Engineering


engineering flowchart


  1. Computer Hacker

computer hacker flowchart


  1. Hey Jude

Hey Jude flowchart


  1. Email

Email flowchart

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  1. Meta

Meta flowchart

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  1. Coffee

Coffee flowchart


  1. Bacon

Bacon flowchart

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