Pi Day (March 14th) celebrates the world’s most famous mathematical constant: 3.14. Because the concept of an irrational, transcendental number is difficult to comprehend, society found a simpler, more convenient way to honor its significance—pie!

Pi Pie

I’ll have 3.14 slices, please.

Below are ten delicious ways you and your coworkers can increase the circumference of your waistbands on Pi Day.

1. Challenge Coworkers to a Bake-Off

Best baker of the bunch wins a designated parking spot, free lunch or a 20-pound sack of flour (so they can make more pies, obviously).

2. Eat as Much Pie as Possible

This can be accomplished in two ways: hold a pie eating contest or, as an individual, eat nothing but pie all day.

The Laserfiche development team loves any opportunity to bake!

3. Memorize as Much Pi as Possible

Find out if anyone has memorized pi beyond the nine digits that show up on a standard calculator.

4. Celebrate “Piversity”

Each department can bring a unique pie variety to the office and then have a “pie exchange” where all the participants sample each other’s delectable desserts. Laserfiche has a very popular cookie exchange every Christmas, so we know this activity will go over well!

5. Fundraise with a Pie Sale

Raise money for a deserving cause by hosting a pie sale at work.

Choosing your favorite slice may be the hardest part of the “holiday”.

6. Have a Midday Snack Break

At precisely 3:14 PM, gather your coworkers together for a pie of relaxing rhubarb, energizing elderberry or “stop, I’ve had enough” strawberry.

7. Send Pies to Your Customers

Show your customers how much you appreciate them with some special pie deliveries.*

*Do not use this method if any of your customers are bakers or grocers—order a pie from them instead!

Crunchy lettuce—no. Flaky lattice—yes!

Cherry Pie with Lattice

Crunchy lettuce—no. Flaky lattice—yes!

8. Go Out for a Group Dessert

Take the team out for a “pieformance” review so it still counts as work.

9. Give the Conference Rooms Some Flavor

Rename your meeting rooms after pies just for the day and use pie charts at every meeting.

10. Sing Your Pies Off

You’ll probably need to burn off some calories after eating all that pie, so why not host a lip-sync or karaoke battle? Here’s a list of 15 pie-themed songs to choose from.


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