This month Laserfiche was in Montreal for the National Association of College and University Business Officers Annual Meeting (NACUBO). More than 2,000 chief business and finance officers were in attendance, and Laserfiche was on-site to demonstrate how enterprise content management can maximize operational efficiency in higher education.

In speaking with attendees, we learned a few common topics of interest among CFOs in the education sector. Here are some of the key topics from this year’s #NACUBOAM:

1) Cost Efficiency is Key

Budget concerns are, inevitably, at the top of a CFO’s list. NACUBO conference attendees are constantly challenged to increase operational efficiency while keeping overhead costs low. Digitization and automation tools save valuable staff time and eliminate paper storage, shipping, and printing costs, and can help CFOs maintain a consistent budget and reallocate spend to more pressing campus demands.

2) Security is a Must

For CFOs, data security is a major priority. Universities and colleges must manage thousands of student and faculty records, including financial documents and personal information. As institutions continue their journey to take processes digital, there is a subsequent push for CFOs to increase security measures and to comply with increasingly stringent standards, such as investing in a records management system with a DoD 5015.2 certification.

3) Connectivity is the Future

Many attendees expressed the need to centralize and standardize systems across campus to cut costs and improve service delivery. Through integrating line-of-business applications, institutions can improve communication and collaboration across departments, eliminate information silos and, to borrow from the NACUBO 2016 conference theme, build a strong foundation for the future.

We had a great time networking at NACUBO and demonstrating the efficiency of Laserfiche ECM for higher education. For more best practices, and to read about how leading universities and colleges use ECM, check out our complimentary ebook “Quicker Better Safer: Higher Education.”

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