Real life doesn’t give us many opportunities to celebrate law breaking, which explains why heist movies have always been popular. But let’s face it: our suave heroes could have been thwarted if their marks had automated their accounts payable, hiring and other department processes.

Here are some heist movies that just wouldn’t have gotten past the opening scene if an automated accounts payable department played a major role.

Oceans 11 (2001)

Ocean's 11 movie poster

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Let’s get past the obvious: Don’t date a con-man’s ex-wife.

How in the world did Danny Ocean’s team get all this information on the target casino’s vault and security system—enough to build a vault replica to fool his casino-owning adversary long enough to pull off the job?

The explanation was that members of Ocean’s team infiltrated the casino workforce to carry out reconnaissance.

How ECM or automation could have helped:

  1. Ensure proper hiring protocols are in place to avoid missing key steps. Like, say… a background check.
  2. Set up access privileges so that recently hired entry-level employees aren’t authorized to view or copy the blueprints to the main security vault, which contains $150 million.


The Italian Job (2003)

Italian Job movie poster

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Let’s get past the obvious: Don’t throw your coworkers under the bus. Or in this case, into an icy river in the Alps.

The movie that revitalized the popularity of MINI Coopers, this movie is focused on a group of thieves stealing $35 million worth of gold bullion from a former associate who double-crossed them.

How ECM or automation could have helped:

  1. The value of the gold bullion—like information on paper—should have been digitized to make it usable. It’s so much harder to spend bullion: wiring a million dollars to your real estate agent is so much easier than lugging 75 gold bars to an open house showing.
  2. Going along with the above, digitizing the funds would have made the value much more secure. While it would be impressive to see $35 million in gold bars, it’s much safer to secure the money digitally and keep it off site.


Office Space (1999)

Office Space movie poster

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Let’s get past the obvious: Get virus detection and don’t be a smarmy manager who instills loathing by passive-aggressively making your employees work on Saturdays. Also, hands off the stapler.

Probably the most relatable scenario on this list, Office Space is about three programmers who banded together to funnel company money to an outside bank account.

How ECM or automation could have helped:

  1. Prevent the payment error that was keeping a laid-off employee on the payroll for years.
  2. Automatically send out notifications and requests for approval for the “fractions of pennies” that were being diverted to another bank account.

Every heist movie is entertainingly elaborate and complex, but honestly, it doesn’t take much to stop a heist in its track by using ECM to oversee your accounts payable process. Learn how you can make your own accounts payable more resistant to a Hollywood heist by downloading the “Five Steps to Accounts Payable Automation” today!

5 Steps to Accounts Payable Automation

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