Empower 2016 is off to an eventful start, as Laserfiche President Karl Chan announced the immediate availability of Laserfiche 10 in today’s general session.

This morning’s presentations—delivered to a record-setting crowd of 2,800 attendees—also featured an insightful speech from CEO Chris Wacker, hands-on demonstrations of Laserfiche 10 and an up-close look at the Laserfiche product roadmap.

Here are four key takeaways from the Empower 2016 Day 1 General Session:

1. The Evolution of Laserfiche

CEO Chris Wacker kicked off the festivities with a speech recognizing the evolution of Laserfiche since its inception in 1987. “We have gone from the paperless office to redefining the workplace itself,” Chris said. “You can use Laserfiche to script your business processes with mathematical precision—achieving huge productivity boosts and eliminating costly man hours spent on repetitive tasks.”

Laserfiche CEO Chris Wacker addresses a packed house at the Empower 2016 Day 1 General Session.

Laserfiche CEO Chris Wacker delivers a keynote speech to a crowd of 2,800 attendees at the Empower 2016 Day 1 General Session.

To demonstrate this transition, Chris discussed some of the latest, most dynamic ways organizations are using Laserfiche today, including:

  • A Texas medical partnership saves an estimated $900,000 per year by using a Laserfiche workflow to confirm a patient’s insurance coverage before an appointment is made
  • A UK-based financing corporation has reduced the time spent preparing its car leases from 10 days to only four hours
  • A Middle East oil company reported $600,000 in savings last year from automating processes with Laserfiche in just five of its 20 subsidiaries

2. Connecting People

Following Chris’s speech, Karl discussed how Laserfiche 10 has been developed to support the connected digital workplace. “When we talk about connectivity in the digital workplace, we are talking about driving business results through connecting people, connecting technology and connecting processes,” he said.

Laserfiche President Karl Chan discusses the connected digital workplace in his keynote speech at Empower 2016.

Laserfiche President Karl Chan gives Empower 2016 attendees a close look into the future of the Laserfiche product roadmap.

To provide a full summary of Karl’s keynote, this blog post will explore the three elements of the connected digital workplace.

Connecting people, according to Karl, refers to facilitating communication and collaboration between co-workers, contractors and more—no matter where their work takes them. His presentation supported this idea by demonstrating some of the latest Laserfiche features that can be used to streamline information sharing across the enterprise, including:

  • Collaborative discussions about individual documents
  • The ability to sign documents from a mobile device and then send them back as a PDF
  • The ability to see the evolution of a document by viewing its revision history
  • Expanded mobile compatibility, including support for Windows 10 Mobile

“Today’s digital economy is all about communication and collaboration,” Karl said. “That’s why Laserfiche 10 offers many new ways to connect your entire business ecosystem. This includes your organization, business partners, vendors and customers.”

3. Connecting Technology

Connecting technology refers to linking different applications together—allowing data to flow seamlessly from one destination to the next without human intervention. To exemplify this idea, Technical Product Manager Justin Pava discussed some of the powerful features in Laserfiche Connector, including the ability to:

  • Pull text—such as specific terms or sections of a contract—directly from applications, or perform OCR to read text off the screen
  • Act as a central connecting point that shares information between different applications
  • Extract text and use it as a token in a business process
Laserfiche Technical Product Manager Justin Pava discusses the powerful capabilities of Laserfiche Connector at the Empower 2016 Day 1 General Session.

Laserfiche Technical Product Manager Justin Pava discusses the powerful features in Laserfiche Connector.

In addition, Justin offered a sneak peek at what the future holds for Laserfiche Connector: “Looking forward, Laserfiche Connector will have the ability to push data from applications—allowing users to both read and write directly into external applications without coding—even in cases where both systems are outside of Laserfiche,” he said.

4. Connecting Processes

The presentation also touched on the theme of connecting processes—the final element of the connected digital workplace. This is where Karl took the opportunity to introduce the Laserfiche Business Process Library, a knowledge base filled with pre-built templates for automating common business processes.

Laserfiche President Karl Chan unveils the Laserfiche Business Process Library in the Empower 2016 Day 1 General Session.

Laserfiche President Karl Chan announces the release of the Laserfiche Business Process Library.

The Business Process Library includes ready-to-use templates with prebuilt forms, process models, workflow rules and documentation—all of which allows users to optimize their processes with minimal time and effort. These templates are available free of charge to all Laserfiche customers with active software support plans. To demonstrate the new library, Karl loaded a pre-built building inspection process and explained how it can be modified to suit the specific needs of the organization using it. In addition, members of the Laserfiche development, marketing and project management teams demonstrated ready-made accounts payable and contract management templates from the library. “The Business Process Library offers a number of prebuilt processes sorted by categories from accounting to operations—to industries such as government, education and more,” Karl said. “They provide an out-of-the-box solution to jumpstart your process designs and give you even more automation ideas.” For more insights from the Day 1 General Session, watch the full video of the presentation below:

Laserfiche Event

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