Attendees are busy planning their schedules for Empower 2018. The premier enterprise content management conference is hosted in Long Beach, CA, running from January 9-12, 2018.

Customers, Laserfiche employees and industry thought leaders share their knowledge in the form of different sessions throughout the conference. We aim to develop practical classes, hands-on labs and panel sessions geared towards our customers’ industries. Many Laserfiche customers from wealth management organizations use Laserfiche to help them manage paperwork, streamline client services and simplify audits.

Below, we highlight the top 4 classes that we recommend for finance and wealth management professionals.

1. Build an AI-Powered Business through Laserfiche

Research firm Gartner predicts that organizations using system design in new artificial intelligence initiatives will achieve long-term success four times more than others through 2020. As Laserfiche technology rapidly evolves, a business future powered by predictive analytics and intelligent data becomes increasingly within grasp. During this session, we’ll investigate a real business case and outline the key strategies of robotizing your business operations. The course will review:

  • What key artificial intelligence (AI) characteristics drive efficiency in business?
  • How to transform business process and identify business opportunities?
  • How to map out an intelligent Laserfiche strategy that’s responsive to change in the future?

Speaker: Chad Christensen, Chief Compliance Officer, Semper Augustus Investments Group LLC
Audience: Business Analyst, Business Professional, Executive, IT Professional, Laserfiche Administrator, Manager, Process Designer
When: Thursday, January 11, 2018; 9:45 am, Room 103AB

2. End-to-End Process Automation: Taking Command of the Account Opening Process

This course showcases how a financial services company in Fort Worth, Texas used Laserfiche to transform their new account set up process. Using strategic business process automation, they streamlined the process from taking days to being complete within minutes. First Command Financial Services successfully reduced roadblocks to their onboarding by verifying the accuracy of essential information prior to submission. The firm will reveal how they integrated Laserfiche into their in-house system and worked with vendors to achieve maximum efficiency with end-to-end process automation. Join this class to learn about:

  • Adopting Agile methodology to improve team collaboration and promote better opportunities for the development of projects
  • Creating electronic forms with integrated e-signatures using DocuSign, in order to completely digitize the account onboarding process
  • Integrating seamlessly with third-party systems to shorten the processing time down to just seconds

Speaker: Jamie Pickering, System Engineer, First Command Financial Services, Inc.
Audience: Business Analyst, Business Professional, Manager, Process Designer
When: Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 11:00 AM, Room 103AB

3. The Shortcut to Success: Automatically Processing Thousands of Documents in One Day

Join this session to learn how ReeceNichols, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, used Laserfiche to organize their real estate transaction documents. The software enabled them to centralize and streamline the management of thousands of documents, making their paperwork much more manageable. ReeceNichols will demonstrate how they used Laserfiche Workflow to keep all of their files up-to-date and easily manage a large quantity of paperwork. Join us to learn how they:

  • Implemented Laserfiche Workflow to automate the indexing of incoming documents
  • Established a system to dynamically forward documents to the proper branch
  • Integrated with their account database to routinely update document metadata
  • Lowered data entry errors by 90% and saved 3,000 work hours yearly

Speaker: Bruce Van Buskirk, Director of IT, ReeceNichols Realtors
Audience: Business Analyst, Business Professional, Manager, New User, Process Designer
When: Thursday, January 11, 2018, 4:00 PM, Room 103AB

4. Automating Financial Services: Integrating Existing Applications with Laserfiche

Glasgow Credit Union is one of Europe’s largest credit unions, providing loans, savings and mortgages. Loan agreements became increasingly more time-consuming as business grew, generating a lot of manual paperwork for staff. Some applications would require supplemental information, like proof of income, to complete the approval process. The organization integrated Laserfiche with Curtains, their software for managing members and transactions. This integration streamlined their processes, resulting in saved time, effort and money. In this class, you’ll learn how they:

  • Avoided the costly outsourcing of scanning 15,000-20,000 loan agreements, generating massive savings
  • Enabled new members to join the credit union, apply for and receive funds within 15 minutes

Speaker: Paul McFarlane, Head of Operations, Glasgow Credit Union
Audience: Manager
When: Tuesday, January 9, 2018, 4:00 PM; Room 103AB

You can register for the sessions above, as well as all of the other courses at Empower using the schedule builder.

Say hello to Linda Ding, Director of Strategic Marketing, at Empower!

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