We’re more than halfway through the year, and that means Empower 2017 is right around the corner! Every year at Empower, we recognize outstanding customers that have made a positive impact on their organizations using Laserfiche software. The Run Smarter Awards honor those who have used Laserfiche to increase productivity, streamline business processes and achieve other operational goals within their organizations. With applications for 2016 now open, we’d like to share five exciting facts about the awards:

Fact #1: Winners Get a Free Pass to Empower 2017

Run Smarter Award winners receive a congratulatory plaque and free registration to attend Empower 2017—held February 7-10 in our hometown of Long Beach, CA. For Run Smarter Award recipients, bragging rights are the ultimate prize–but the perks don’t stop there. Past winners have had the opportunity to speak at Laserfiche conferences and events. Winners can also be featured in industry publications, Laserfiche case studies and more!

Fact #2: The Competition is Fierce (but Friendly)

Each year, we receive more and more nominations for the Run Smarter Awards, as our users find new ways to utilize Laserfiche within their organizations. While the competition may be growing, applicants have a wide range of opportunities to win an award. You can submit an application for your organization in up to three award categories, including:

  • Process Automation
  • Service Optimization
  • Enterprise Transformation

See the subcategories and in-depth category descriptions on our application submission page.

Fact #3: Your Story is What Matters Most

While your organization’s unique use of Laserfiche may be impressive, the Run Smarter judges are more interested in hearing about the impact of your implementation. Tell us a story about:

  • The goals you set out to achieve with Laserfiche
  • The ROI you have achieved from using Laserfiche
  • How the platform impacts your day-to-day operations

See case studies of past winners, such as Heifer International, to help you get started.

Fact #4: Won Before? You Can Win Again

If your organization has won an award in the past, make it a consecutive win! The Run Smarter Awards are open to all applicants—including past winners. We look forward to seeing the new solutions you’ve developed, or hearing how you’ve expanded Laserfiche to reach new goals.

Fact #5: The Deadline to Apply is August 19th

We’re still accepting applications, but not for long. Submit your application before August 19th to make sure you are in the running. Winners will be notified by the end of November, and will be officially announced during the awards ceremony at Empower 2017. We look forward to seeing this year’s Run Smarter Award applications. For a list of category descriptions, FAQs and to submit your final application, visit our online submission form: Laserfiche Run Smarter Award Application.

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