Phillip Zakrzewski, Database Administrator, Denver Foundation

So you’ve inherited Laserfiche after the Laserfiche Administrator leaves. Now what? Phillip Zakrzewski, Database Administrator at the Denver Foundation, found himself in that very situation. Since attending the Empower conference, he has been able to both optimize existing Laserfiche processes within his organization and take on new projects.

What is your favorite thing about Empower?

My favorite thing about Empower was the availability of information. I had only two hours of Laserfiche training before taking on the Laserfiche Administrator role at Denver Foundation. It was fantastic to apply the information that I gained from the courses at Empower and from the Quicker Better Safer books that I picked up in the Information Center within my organization.

What takeaways/lessons did you learn at Empower that you plan to implement at your office?

There are so many. We are a community foundation and we have a lot of grants and gifts that we process in batches. Batch processing was very difficult at the beginning and our solution was clunky. At Empower I learned how to take advantage of Laserfiche Workflow business processes to, among other things, apply metadata at the folder level and then push it to individual documents. That whole process has changed how we handle gifts and I am excited to implement this for processing grants and accounts payable as well. That solution alone was worth attending Empower.

What was your favorite class? Why?

I got the most out of the Laserfiche Workflow classes, both the labs and the lectures. My favorite classes were those taught by Jacob and Sarah Seene because they were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. After class I was able to discuss questions specific to my organization with them in person, which helped a lot.

If you could give a first-time conference attendee one piece of advice, what would it be?

I have two pieces of advice. First of all, definitely mingle with conference attendees. I didn’t take advantage of networking opportunities like I should have and I regret it.  Speaking with other users might have provided me with insight into how others deal with similar challenges within their organizations. Also, really think about the courses that you’re taking. Make sure to remain flexible and have a backup plan in mind. If you find one of the courses that you have signed up for covers something that you already know, find another class. I sat in class a couple times and realized that it is not the best class for me so I found a different one in the schedule and switched.

As a first time Empower attendee, how did the conference compare with your expectations?

In terms of the classes, Empower was about what I imagined it to be. My goal was to learn and see Laserfiche in action and I accomplished that. One part of Empower that exceeded my expectations was seeing the global Laserfiche network. I was very impressed by the stories shared by other users during the keynote speeches.  It was wonderful to not only learn how to use Laserfiche but to see how others around the world use it.

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