Laserfiche routinely modifies portions or the entirety of the product suite to incorporate general support requests, performance improvements and infrastructure changes. Updates and new features always fall under one of five types of Laserfiche product updates:

  • Hotfix
  • Service Pack
  • Maintenance Release
  • Minor Release
  • Major Release


A Hotfix is an ad-hoc way to release high-priority fixes or fixes that are used by products with a lower volume of support requests.

  • The fixes come from escalation issues and internally-discovered blocker bugs. Usually, a hotfix is associated with one or two specific items.
  • Most hotfixes are cumulative, building upon previous hotfixes, and will be included in future service packs. In almost all cases, you will only need to install the most recent hotfix for a product, not all that have been released.

Service Pack

A Service Pack (SP) is a way of releasing a bunch of patches that may not be mission-critical before the next minor release. These fixes come from a high volume of requests through Support and are released regularly every two to three months.

  • Service Packs usually contain limited performance enhancements and do not contain new feature enhancements. They include patches only for the components for which we have included fixes. For Example, 8.2.1 SP included fixes for Server, FTS, Client and Admin, so only these components were listed.

Maintenance Release

A Maintenance Release is a release of an updated version of a product or set of products and provides a new starting point for all of that product’s components. A maintenance release can include all current fixes (critical and non-critical) and performance improvements.

  • Generally, a maintenance release includes a minimal number of changes that could not break the current documentation or language packs. Also, it does not contain completely new dialogs or exposed features unless specifically requested.
  • Maintenance releases are useful for syncing the releases of two or more products.

Minor Release

A Minor Release is a full or standard release of a product and is marked by adding a decimal number after the major release number, such as moving from Laserfiche 8.2 to Laserfiche 8.3.

  • A minor release includes bug fixes, performance improvements, stability improvements, major new features, updated user interfaces and database migrations.

Major Release

A Major Release constitutes an overhaul of the entire product suite that offers updated versions of every product. For example, the release of Laserfiche 8.0 included a completely rewritten Laserfiche Server, Laserfiche Search Engine and Laserfiche Web Access products, as well as a completely new Workflow product.

  • A major release occurs when a release requires a great deal of product coordination. It usually involves changes to basic fundamental tenets within the products, such as how the products communicate with each other, which can produce additional compatibility concerns.
  • A major release is denoted by the first number in the product name, i.e. 7 or 8.

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