lac-du-flambeau-band-of-lake-superior-chippewaCharmaine Jacques, IT Document Specialist at Lac du Flambeau Tribe in Wisconsin, was a new Laserfiche user and first-time attendee of the Laserfiche Empower Conference. Here’s her perspective on how Empower stacks up against other conferences, along with her best piece of advice for first-time Empower attendees.

What was your favorite thing about Empower?

I can’t choose just one favorite thing about Empower. I enjoyed all the classes that I attended—they were very informative with great speakers.  If I have to narrow it down to one favorite thing, it will have to be the customer story session called Business Automation in 18 Months. We could relate to Bob Allen’s story because he explained how Frisco ISD used Laserfiche Workflow and Laserfiche Forms to accomplish their goals (the two main Laserfiche products we plan on using.)

View the video of the entire presentation here.


What was your favorite class? Why?

My favorite classes were labs: Getting Started with Laserfiche, Part 1 and Part 2. I am new to Laserfiche and had to start at the beginning. Before taking those classes, I felt very overwhelmed. The instructor made it fun to be in the labs.

What lessons did you learn at Empower that you plan to implement at your office?

One thing that I learned was not to jump right in and start implementing Laserfiche in all departments at once. Approach one department at a time and the other departments will come onboard when they see how easy, helpful and cost effective Laserfiche is.  This has been hard to do at Lac du Flambeau Tribe because everyone is excited about Laserfiche and what it can do.  Every department wants to know when we are bringing them on to Laserfiche.

What was your favorite networking event?

My favorite networking event was the user group meeting. I was able to learn many helpful hints from other municipalities that use Laserfiche, such as the idea to attend regional training. Everyone with whom I spoke mentioned how helpful the regional training sessions are.

If you could give a first-time conference attendee one piece of advice, what would it be?

I would recommend that first-time conference attendees register for all of the hands-on lab classes that apply to them. I find that I learn best hands-on.

How did the conference compare with your expectations?

I was told that most conferences are just a bunch of sales talk and not much actual training. At Empower, I learned a lot more than I initially thought I would. There was a lot of training going on both in and outside of class sessions.

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