Day one of Empower 2015 is officially underway, and the conference’s 2,500 worldwide attendees have an exciting agenda to look forward to.

The festivities began with keynote speeches from Laserfiche CEO Chris Wacker and President Karl Chan, who took the stage with members of the Laserfiche development team. Here are seven highlights from this morning’s speeches:

1. A Tribute to Nien-Ling Wacker

Chris also paid a heartfelt tribute to Nein-Ling Wacker—his late wife and founder of Laserfiche, who passed away in October. He praised her relentless commitment to developing ECM software that improves the way thousands of organizations work.

“Nien-Ling believed in her heart that with efficient and performance-oriented software, people work smarter, benefiting not just themselves but also those they serve.”

-Chris Wacker, CEO, Laserfiche


2. Going Digital from the Point of Capture

Digitizing business processes from start to finish was the theme of Karl’s Wednesday morning keynote. He emphasized that Laserfiche Forms and Laserfiche Mobile take ECM to a new level by taking paper out of processes from the point of capture—leveraging a “digital first” approach to doing business.

“Laserfiche is about helping organizations create better documents, which results in quicker approvals and smarter decisions. It’s about turning information into insight and using it to make smarter decisions.”

-Karl Chan, President, Laserfiche


3. One-click Email Import

Director of Software Engineering Kurt Rapelje expanded on the theme of “turning information into insight” by highlighting one-click email import functionality in Laserfiche.  This new feature makes importing emails simpler than ever. With just the click of a mouse, you can:

  • File an email in its appropriate folder with correct metadata values
  • Set security, record series and retention schedules for the email
  • Trigger new business processes involving the email

4. Joining the Mobile Workforce

Principal Software Test Engineer Miruna Babatie took the mic next and discussed accelerating business processes on-the-go with the integration of Laserfiche Forms and Laserfiche Mobile.

Laserfiche Mobile now allows users to view and respond to action items on their phones or tablets from the Laserfiche Forms inbox. Using HR onboarding as an example, Miruna demonstrated how these integrated tools allow users to keep business moving from one easy-to-use interface—whether they are in the office, at lunch or at Empower 2015.

5. Seamless Software Integration

Technical Product Manager Justin Pava wowed the audience with the new Laserfiche Connector—a tool that allows one-click integrations between Laserfiche and other applications. Demonstrating a Laserfiche integration with Salesforce, he showed how users can easily work in familiar applications while leveraging the power of Laserfiche.

“People often have a primary software application they work in day in and day out. But that primary application doesn’t always hold all the information a worker needs—Laserfiche does.”

-Justin Pava, Technical Product Manager, Laserfiche

6. Connecting the Dots with Laserfiche Forms

Government Program Strategist Katie Burke reinforced the importance of digital capture with a demonstration of reports generated by Laserfiche Forms.

By digitally capturing information into Laserfiche and integrating it with other systems, users can identify data patterns that help them make important business decisions, such as employee performance summaries, staff workload and project turnaround times.

Want to see the entire Day 1 Keynote? Watch the recording below!

Laserfiche Event

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