We’ve received a number of questions from users about the new features in the product suite. To learn more about Laserfiche 8.3, please reference the answers to these common questions.

How do digital signatures work? Are they similar to a wet signature?

The Digital Signatures feature uses a certificate that has been assigned to each individual user, which is different than a wet signature. Often times, this signature is something an organization’s IT department will set up in advance. The certificate is applied to a document to validate the document. If any changes are made to the entry after a digital signature is applied, the signature will no longer be valid.

Does versioning keep different documents but hide them so you only see one?

The new versioning feature in Laserfiche 8.3 does not create a separate document when a new version is created. It only saves the changes and keeps the changes as part of a document’s metadata, which is information about the document. This minimizes the amount of space used on the Laserfiche system and helps users work with versions under one pane.

Where do I assign a color to a template? How many colors are there?

You assign a color to a template in the Administration Console when configuring a template. Once a color has been assigned to a template, the icon of the image and the folder that contains the template will change. There are 25 color options from which to choose.

Regarding the database activities in Workflow, what source can I connect to?

You may connect to any ODBC compliant source, including SQL, Oracle, Access, Excel, etc.

Will my users need access to my database if Workflow is going to query my database?

The Workflow server will be the only system accessing the database. The Laserfiche users interacting with Workflow will not require any special permissions.

Will the PDF form activities work on any PDF?

The PDF form activities will work on any fillable PDF form, except a PDF in an XFA (Dynamic Fields) format.

Do I need Adobe Acrobat (full version) to use the PDF form activities?

Adobe Acrobat is not required, as we have built the capability to integrate with PDF forms into the new Workflow 8.3 activities.

Will Workflow create a PDF form for me?

Workflow can interact with PDF forms, but it will not create one. Workflow can retrieve PDF form fields, fill out PDF form fields and retrieve the signatureon the PDF, but it cannot generate a PDF form out of a flat PDF.

How does the Submit to Laserfiche button work on the PDF?

The button is a javascript that has been configured to save a copy of the PDF onto a network folder. Import Agent monitors the folder and sends the documents to Laserfiche once a form is submitted. More information on the javascript can be found on the Laserfiche Solution Exchange.

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