Empower 2017 will take place from February 7-10, and many of you are already picking out your classes and connecting with your #FicheFriends from last year. But there’s one problem: you still need your boss’s permission to attend the conference. That’s where the Empower 2017 Justification Toolkit comes in. Jam-packed with helpful testimonials, statistics and customizable worksheets, our toolkit is an easy way to demonstrate the measurable value of attending Empower. Included in the toolkit are several documents to help you secure admission to the conference:

  • The Intro Packet offers a brief description of Empower, as well as statistical reports on the benefits seen from attending the conference. It also includes multiple testimonials from attendees in different industries and organizational levels, which offers unique perspectives on how Empower helped transform their offices.
  • The Needs and Benefits Worksheet is a simple form that allows potential attendees to list key classes that they believe would be most beneficial for them to attend. This worksheet acts as a guide for decision-makers in your organization to quickly determine the value of specific courses offered at Empower.
  • The Letter of Intent makes it easy to ask permission to attend Empower. Witten in a professional tone and highlighting the conference’s key benefits, this letter is an easy-to-use, customizable template that allows employees to make a formal request to attend Empower.
  • The Trip Report is your ticket to showing your boss how much you’ve learned at Empower 2017! Bring this worksheet with you to keep notes on what you’ve learned at all of the classes, hands-on labs and presentations you attend. You can use it as an outline for your Empower review presentation back in the office!

Download your Empower 2017 Justification Toolkit here. For more information on the Empower 2017 agenda and registration, visit the Empower 2017 homepage. We look forward to seeing you in February!

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