The Laserfiche Empower Conference (#LFEmpower) is happening Feb. 11-14, and attendees are selecting courses, planning daily activities and interacting with each other on the Empower App (available on the App Store and Google Play).

One of the most exciting features returning to Empower 2020 is the Laserfit Challenge, an interactive fitness tracking competition being held throughout the conference.

Here’s everything you need to know about the #Laserfit Challenge:

How it Works

Register to compete with your fellow Empower attendees by racking up steps on your phone or fitness tracking device from Wednesday, February 12 at midnight to Thursday, February 13 at 11:59 PM. Participants should sync their steps every day for improved accuracy.

Participants will be featured on the leaderboard throughout the challenge, and everyone who participates in the Laserfit Challenge will have a chance to win big during our prize raffle!

You will receive one raffle entry for registering in the challenge and an additional raffle entry for every 5000 steps you take.

See the full rules for the Laserfit Challenge here, and read on to learn about amazing prizes that attendees will be eligible to win!

Don’t Have a Fitness Tracker? All You Need is Your Phone!

So maybe you haven’t invested in a smartwatch—not a problem! The Laserfit Challenge is integrated with MoveSpring, a community fitness app that allows for cross device compatibility. Just about any mobile device or wearable fitness tracker can connect with MoveSpring; see the full list here.

Need troubleshooting advice? Click here for MoveSpring help files, or reach out to the Laserfiche team on the Empower App.

Awesome Prizes

We love awarding attendees who show dedication to staying active during Empower. The spoils include an Apple iWatch, Google Home, and a Nike backpack full of fitness gear. As a bonus, raffle winners will also receive admission to Empower 2021!

Friendly yet Fierce Competition

Empower attendees, by their very nature, strive for excellence. You can expect some friendly, but fierce competition, especially when there’s exciting tech gadgets, fitness goodies and #FicheSwag at stake!

Fit in extra steps during your day by walking and talking with fellow attendees, moving between class sessions, and exploring Long Beach on your downtime during conference week. Use #Laserfit on social media and in the Empower App to share your progress and meet up with other fitness-minded attendees!


Join the #Laserfit Challenge

Please sync your final steps on MoveSpring by Friday, Feb. 14 at 9:00 AM PST to ensure your participation in the Laserfit Challenge!

Winners will be announced at the Run Smarter Theater (located in the Exhibit Hall) at 10:30am on Friday, and contacted via email.

Register for the Laserfit Challenge now, or during pre-conference on Tuesday, Feb 11. We look forward to seeing you at #LFEmpower!

Useful Links

Register for the Laserfit Challenge with the Organization Code: LASERFICHE
Official Rules for the Laserfit Challenge
MoveSpring Main Site
Empower App download for iOS and Android


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