Empower 2015 was packed with classes, events and conversations—even those on Twitter 24/7 couldn’t keep up!

That’s why we gathered some of the most intriguing, useful and inspirational quotes overheard during Laserfiche’s four-day conference. Click through the SlideShare below and see what customers of all industries and sizes had to say at Empower 2015.

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“One of our users just sent me an email about Laserfiche with the subject line: HEAVEN. They’re saving so much time.” – Mike Thomas, Administrative Supervisor, Special Education Data Management and Compliance, Austin Independent School District, TX

“Thanks to Laserfiche, our agenda process is more efficient and allows for technology enhancements. We no longer have to stay late on agenda packet day. We can go home like everyone else.” – Antoinette Mann, Deputy City Clerk, City of Thousand Oaks, CA

“How do you roll out 200 accounts without having an IT department? Stick it in Laserfiche Forms. For our new Laserfiche Forms-based web portal, we went from concept to publication in just 1.5 hours.” – Doug Miller, Canadian Seed Growers Association, Canada

“The A/P process went from hours minutes—and the A/P clerk went from a skeptic to a number one fan of Laserfiche.” – Dennis Vlasich, IT Director, City of Fontana, CA

“Laserfiche helps us deliver student services quickly and efficiently. We had a student registration a few weeks ago with no waiting lines. But at the same time, registration increased by 6% since the previous semester.” – Dr. Annebelle Nery, Executive Dean, Enrollment Services, College of the Desert, CA

“It is helpful that our reviewers can approve contract and agenda items remotely with Laserfiche. That way, if a department head is at an exciting conference like Empower 2015, they can still get their work done.” – Mike Lee, IT Director, Gunnison County, CO


“We’ve taken the stance that we’re going to integrate Laserfiche with practically everything.” – Brad Eudy, Systems Administrator, ITS, Cabarrus County, NC

“To help with user adoption, clearly articulate the goals and benefits of the integration. Convey how it will benefit the user.” – Joe Labbe, CEO, RatchetSoft, NY

“By integrating Laserfiche with Junxure, we gave our advisors the ability to see client documents directly in Junxure. Sometimes the simplest thing makes the biggest impact.” – Amy Flourry, Director of Operations, Rehmann Financial, MI

Records Management

“Content is exploding in all different directions, and most of it is garbage… Ask yourself, ‘If we lost this in five years, would we care?’” Chris Wynder, Senior Consulting Analyst, Info-Tech Research Group

“When it comes to information, if you’ve got it, it’s discoverable. That’s an expensive proposition.” Michael E. Padykula, Records Systems Manager, Village of Wellington, FL

“I don’t consider dropping an employee’s confidential information into an interoffice envelope very confidential.” Lynda Malmberg, HR and Accounting Manager, Steinhafels Inc., WI

“Implementing Laserfiche in state and local government is NOT an IT project—it’s the Clerk’s project. And you need a records retention policy in place before you can start.” – Dennis Vlasich, IT Director, City of Fontana, CA

“The last thing a records manager wants to do is go to court and be asked why this record was destroyed.” – Nigel Parker, Director of Records Management Department, Tarrant County Community College District, TX

Business Process Automation

“Don’t wait to automate your processes. Don’t say ‘we’re going to do it later.’ Workflow automation is catching on quickly, and the firms that recognize that it is an inflection point will flourish.” – Deborah Fox, CEO & Founder, Fox Financial Planning Network

“Automating a bad process doesn’t make it better, just faster.” – Michael Wells, Desktop Services Manager, Chesterfield County, VA

Learning from Success

“Our best ideas were modifications on workflows described on the Laserfiche Solution Exchange and Laserfiche Answers.” – Doug Miller, Operations Manager, Canadian Seed Growers Association, Canada

“If I didn’t know how to do something, I just went on Laserfiche Answers to get help. People on there are pretty eager to help.” – Ray Cooper, Information Architect, Mark Anthony Group, Canada

“Before I start an integration project, I do research on Laserfiche Answers to see what others have done. It’s my first resource.” – Chris Cartrett, Document Management Coordinator, Town of Palm Beach, FL

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