Laserfiche is pleased to announce the release of Laserfiche Avante, Laserfiche Rio and Laserfiche Forms 9.2. This release includes the Laserfiche Server, Workflow, Web Access, Mobile and Client in English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish. Laserfiche Forms 9.2 is available in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish.

Enhancements include:

  • Laserfiche Server, Client, Web Access and Workflow. The Laserfiche 9.2 release features a number of usability enhancements for the Laserfiche Server, Client, Web Access and Workflow. All these products, including many of their components (such as Laserfiche Scanning and the Laserfiche Office Integration), have an updated interface. In addition, the Laserfiche Client now includes support for new upload tokens, and Web Access now supports opening a PDF directly in a new browser tab.
  • Laserfiche Forms. Laserfiche Forms 9.2 includes a new Forms inbox, where users can view and complete pending tasks; review submitted forms and completed tasks; finish forms they’ve saved as a draft; and start new processes from a central location. Additionally, Forms 9.2 has a variety of other new features: a new Signature field type; an option to have forms automatically resize based on browser width (perfect for users accessing forms on their mobile devices); and an option to display a FAQ pane next to forms. This release also includes a number of enhancements to existing features, such as the Section field, Data Sources and the Thank You page.
  • Laserfiche Mobile. Laserfiche Mobile can now interact with Laserfiche Forms, allowing users to view their new Forms inbox, fill out forms and quickly and easily attach photos to forms from mobile devices. In addition, the Laserfiche Mobile Configuration page has been reorganized to better reflect its options. Laserfiche Mobile also features an updated user interface and includes optimization for tablets and a new option allowing users to specify whether they want Mobile to use both cellular data and Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi only, when uploading new documents.
  • Laserfiche Directory Server. Laserfiche Directory Server is an updated license management server for Laserfiche Rio that features a new administration website. In addition, Directory Server includes new features that allow more flexible distribution of named user and application licenses to departments within larger organizations.
  • Laserfiche Social BPM (Preview). Laserfiche Social BPM is a website where users can collaborate, share ideas and learn. Users can start discussions or ask questions to the entire community, or they can create content within public or private groups. Laserfiche Rio 9.2 includes a preview of this upcoming product.

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