This month, the Center for Digital Government celebrates the winners of the 2017 Digital Cities Survey.  The annual survey recognizes cities that have used technology to improve citizen services, enhance transparency and encourage citizen engagement. This year, 27 of the 63 recognized cities are Laserfiche customers.

“Laserfiche software has become essential to forward-looking cities that are working to provide better public access to information, and streamline permit requests and other services,” said Linda Ding, Director of Strategic Marketing at Laserfiche. “These functionalities enhance transparency and promote inclusion in key government processes, while enabling governments to remain good stewards of public resources.”

In an article about the survey, Government Technology points out that IT leaders in the winning cities are continuously looking for ways to make government more efficient, more effective and more responsive to citizen needs. Survey results also revealed the top technologies and initiatives which are likely to have an increased focus this year:

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Citizen Engagement/Experience
  3. Mobility/Mobile Devices/Applications
  4. Transparency/Open Data/Data Governance
  5. Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations
  6. Hire and Retain Competent IT Personnel
  7. Networking: Broadband and Connectivity
  8. Budget/Cost Control
  9. Business Intelligence/Analytics
  10. Cloud Computing

“City governments are inundated with information, which can create bottlenecks in request fulfillment when the proper technology and processes are not in place,” said Ding. “The winners of the 2017 Digital Cities Survey demonstrate innovative approaches and outstanding use of technology tools to leverage information for faster, better and more targeted citizen services. Congratulations to this year’s top Digital Cities!”

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