Since its launch last year, Laserfiche Answers has grown to almost 4,000 members and over 3,500 questions, thanks to users like you. Now, we’re excited to extend Laserfiche Answers beyond just questions by introducing groups.

Currently, we have nine groups and will add more regularly. Join one of our groups to start sharing ideas with like-minded users:

  • Empower 2015: Join the official group of annual Laserfiche conference goers to plan your trip, arrange meet-ups and get the inside scoop on special Empower happenings!
  • Laserfiche Lounge: This is your go-to group for all things Laserfiche! Every industry and level of expertise is welcome here, so bring plenty of questions, answers and new ideas.
  • Government: From county clerks to small town public servants, everyone’s got a say in the government group. Share your thoughts and get involved with the largest online community of Laserfiche public servants!
  • Financial Services: Who can say no to free advice? Exchange a wealth of information with other financial professionals using Laserfiche to open new accounts, manage clients and follow regulations with ease.
  • Higher Education: There’s always more to learn about Laserfiche! Join this group to share knowledge with fellow educators, administrators and IT professionals in higher education.
  • K-12 Education: Your primary source for primary education expertise! Share best practices, implementation tips and questions on all things Laserfiche—and remember to play nicely with others.
  • Healthcare: This group is full of Laserfiche “healthy habits.” Learn how your peers are improving information access, simplifying patient records and automating medical billing.

Groups in Laserfiche Answers are run by community leaders:

  • Chris Cartrett, Public Sector IT Admin at Town of Palm Beach, FL
  • Claire Maurer,  AVP – Advisor Relations at Girard Securities
  • Joy Huff,  Records Manager/Compliance Officer/Database Administrator at Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board (LAPELS)
  • Kim Porter, Records & Project Manager at Washington Student Achievement Council
  • Marla Kloosterhouse, Strategic Business Analyst at Rehmann
  • Mike Wells,  Lead Computer Analyst at Chesterfield County, VA
  • Timothy Delaney,  Senior Management Team at Wall Street Financial Group
  • Tony Giruzzi, Coordinator of Network Support at Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association

Check out some of the exciting discussions already underway, or start your own:

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