What is Sunshine Week?

Sunshine Week is a national initiative promoting public dialog about the importance of government transparency and freedom of information. The American Society of News Editors established this yearly weeklong initiative in 2005, choosing mid-March because it coincides with President James Madison’s birthday on March 16. The founding father was a key proponent of the U.S. Bill of Rights and a champion for government checks and balances. To celebrate, media outlets, government officials, universities, nonprofits, civic organizations, libraries, archivists and individuals will participate in Sunshine Week by uniting to promote American citizens’ intrinsic right to access public information.

Your Right to Know

Laserfiche is proud to be a part of Sunshine Week, which takes place March 11-17, 2018. Government transparency establishes accountability and keeps citizens informed about how their government organizations operate. Freedom of information is our collective right as a nation–it’s important to cultivate this freedom so it remains a keystone of democracy. Technology can help bridge the gap between government and citizens by providing the digital infrastructure to make public records easy to access.

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Here’s an overview of the themes, blog posts and webinars that we have planned in honor of Sunshine Week.

March 13: Citizen Engagement: How Technology Can Be Leveraged for Speed, Accessibility and Citizen Demand; Putting the “Public” Back in Public Information.

Webinar | Let’s Get Creative: Streamlining the Response to Public Records Requests

Learn how La Plata County, CO, was able to optimize citizen services by using prebuilt templates to automate the public records request process.

Blog | How to Leverage Technology for Speed, Accessibility and Citizen Demand

March 14: Compliance: Taking the Burden off Government Employees

WebinarPublic Records Law: Balancing Transparency and Compliance

Learn how the City of Sebastian, FL, was able to leverage technology to strike the right balance between information transparency and regulatory compliance.

Blog | The Role of Government Transparency in Public Emergency Response

March 15: The Transparency Effect: How State and Local government can Meet Citizen Expectations Through Transparent Records Management

Webinar | The Transparency Effect: Strategies for Managing and Demystifying Public Records

Learn how Collin County, TX, developed innovative strategies to effectively transform its records management processes.

Blog | The Transparency Effect: How Governments Can Promote Transparency

March 16: Happy Birthday James Madison!

Blog | James Madison: Champion of Government Checks and Balances

Best of Sunshine Week

Below, we highlight our best content on the topic of government transparency. These inspiring use cases illustrate how state and local government organizations have leveraged records management software to better serve their citizens by making public records more accessible.

Learn more about using records management software to create transparency in government organizations:

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