After you’ve signed up to attend Empower 2013, the most important step to take is signing up for a full schedule of courses about Laserfiche products. We’ve got some tips for finding and picking the courses that best suit your needs.

[section-header] To View Courses: [/section-header]

  • Go to the Agenda page on the Laserfiche Conference site.
  • Click on the button to Create My Schedule.
  • Log in with your Support Site username and password.

[section-header] Filter by Type/Track, CPP-Related Courses or Progressions [/section-header]

Filters at the left side of the screen allow you to display classes by specific track and type (the default), by classes related to CPP courses, or by course progressions. Click Show to expand any filters you want to use, and select or clear the checkboxes for the options you want displayed or hidden.


[section-header] Add or Remove Courses[/section-header]

To sign up for a course and add it to your schedule, click the Add link on the appropriate block. It will then be added to the list of your classes under My Sessions on the left side of the screen. If you change your mind, either now or at a later date, and want to remove a course you’ve signed up for, just click the Remove link on the course.

Note: If you choose to attend a course in the same timeslot as a course already on your schedule, the new course will replace the one you’ve previously selected.

[section-header] Save and Print Your Schedule [/section-header]

Any change you make to your schedule will be automatically saved. To view or print a one-page summary of the courses you have selected, click View/Print Schedule in the top left corner of the screen.

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