2018 is here, and there’s already a lot happening. Reflecting a change in how organizations get work done, ECM is shifting to content services, robots are helping organizations solve automation challenges and we recently completed our largest Empower conference to date.

As we continue on with 2018, we’d like to reflect on the most engaging topics we discussed throughout the past year. From inspiring Laserfiche case studies to the latest business technology developments, there was certainly a lot to talk about.


Here are our top 10 posts of 2017:

How Fresno Surgical Hospital Processes Invoices with Laserfiche 

Fresno Surgical Hospital is a 27-bed, surgical hospital located in Fresno, CA. The accounts payable (AP) department processes 1,500 invoices per month– their legacy AP system was almost entirely paper-driven. Today, the hospital saves $55,000 a year by automating  invoice processing with Laserfiche. Impressively, even though the number of invoices received increased by 33 percent, the hospital has not needed to allocate additional resources to the process. Click here to read their full story.


Automation: Digital Evolution Evolves Again

If you’ve managed to achieve efficiency by eliminating paper and are paying closer attention to how you tap human capital, you may wonder what next step there is to take. Enter process automation– more specifically, Robotic Process Automation (RPA). “By mimicking the way people use applications and following simple rules, software robots automate routine business processes, such as gathering and comparing data from different systems, adjusting insurance claims, or processing orders,” explains Peter Lowes, principal, Deloitte Consulting, in CIO Journal. Learn all about this new tech and how to harness it in your organization here.


Productivity or Efficiency: What Really Matters?

Which is more important, productivity or efficiency? Do you want to do the same with less, or more with the same? We explore the importance of both of these concepts, how technology impacts productivity, and three ways to improve productivity both personally and across your organization with digital transformation methodologies. Click to learn more.


How ReeceNichols Processes Thousands of Documents a Day with Laserfiche

ReeceNichols, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate and a wholly-owned subsidiary of HomeServices of America, Inc., has served the Kansas City area since 1905 with over 2,300 realtors operating from 47 different offices and franchises. $5 billion in transactions in 2016 generated hundreds of thousands of documents for staff to process, and most business operations were done on paper. Click to learn how ReeceNichols uses Laserfiche to securely store and index 1,500 new documents each day, leading to a 90% reduction in data entry errors and a savings of 3,000 hours per year.


Cybersecurity: Are Your Priorities on Target?

While it’s important to educate your entire organization on cybersecurity best practices, certain departments need more training and protection than others– namely legal, human resources (HR), and accounting. Click to learn what makes cybersecurity so critical for these three departments, and how to nurture a partnership between these three departments and your IT staff to ensure better protection of your business.


How Bryan ISD Transformed the Employee Onboarding Process

Bryan Independent School District serves more than 16,000 students, and has been renovating and adapting campuses over the past several years to ensure that the schools best serve student populations. One of the most impactful improvements they’ve made in recent years has been the addition of Laserfiche, which they use to “reduce its annual staff costs associated with document management by over $350,000, as compared to the previous paper process…”, says John Rokenbrod, Software/Records Analyst at Bryan ISD. Since implementing Laserfiche, the onboarding process is nearly 100 percent paperless, and staff save up to an hour and thirty minutes per new employee. Click to read their full story.


How Much Will Automation Change the Workforce and Your Job?

The future of automation intersects politics, economics, and workers’ day-to-day routines. Given the prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) in software, it’s clear that automation continues to pervade our work lives. So what exactly is business process automation, and how might you be able to leverage it in your job role? Click to gain insight.

How the City of Rochester Automated Invoice Processing with a Laserfiche Integration with JD Edwards

The City of Rochester is the county seat of Olmsted County and, with a population of over 110,000, is the third-largest city in Minnesota. Rochester’s accounts payable department processes about 2,800 invoices a month, which arrive by mail or email.  The AP department’s invoice processing system has been transformed with Laserfiche Forms, an integration with JDE and the Laserfiche Records Management Edition. “We continue to capture and automate the numerous paper driven workflows which exist in our local government,” says Carl Hunter, IT Analyst at the city of Rochester. “Workflow and Forms are incredible tools and the Business Process Library is a fantastic way to rapidly introduce new solutions.” Read more.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic process automation is the use of specialized computer programs, known as software robots, to automate and standardize repeatable business processes. Click to learn the basics and benefits of RPA from Laserfiche technical product manager Brandon Buccowich in this post, and visit the New for Laserfiche site to stay up-to-date on exciting product reveals.

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