Empower 2015 was Laserfiche’s biggest conference yet! For four days, customers, resellers, exhibitors and Laserfiche staff took over not one but two Anaheim hotels and attendees captured nearly every quote, class and event on social media.

Here are 10 memorable moments from Empower 2015.

1. Twitter Takeover

Conference attendees weren’t shy about sharing their favorite Empower 2015 moments on Twitter. The #Empower15 hashtag broke all our previous social media records with more than 2,000 posts and 350 Twitter users participating in the conversation!


The Laserfiche social team even organized a “Tweet Up” on the last day, gathering the most avid Tweeters together for one last photo.

2. Laserfiche Connector

At the Day 1 Keynote, Technical Product Manager Justin Pava announced a new product called Laserfiche Connector, which offers one-click integration between Laserfiche and other primary applications. Justin demonstrated how an employee can access information in Laserfiche directly from Salesforce—or LaserApp, or SharePoint, or DocuSign, the list goes on. He also showed how easy it is to configure this installation through a simple setup wizard.

3. Bacon Delivery

The first day of the conference was a long one, and nothing rejuvenates the body and mind like bacon. Thanks to Laserfiche user Tony Giruzzi and the helpful staff of the Anaheim Marriott, employees in the Info Center received an unforgettable midday “pork-me-up!”

4. Developer Dedication

The Day 2 Keynote opened with a touching tribute to the creators of Laserfiche software. The three-minute video gave us a glimpse into the world of Laserfiche development—and also reinforced why the Laserfiche Empower Conference is a valuable meeting place for users and developers.


5. Laserfiche in Iraq

Ever wondered what it’s like to sell Laserfiche in Iraq? At the Day 2 Keynote, Mohammed Qasim of New Vision shared his experience as a Laserfiche reseller operating in Baghdad. After joking about wearing a bullet-proof jacket and riding a tank to work, Mohammed explained how life in Iraq is not too different from other countries—organizations still want to run more efficiently and waste less paper.

6. Run Smarter Awards

The Day 2 Keynote ended on quite the high note for the 2014 Run Smarter® Award winners. 31 organizations from California to Beirut were recognized for their creative uses of Laserfiche. Tompkins County, NY, even sent a color-coordinated cheering squad for its Run Smarter® representative, Maureen Reynolds.

7. NRG Extravaganza

Empower 2015’s Special Event featured a captivating performance by NRG (pronounced “energy”). The 12-member band outdid last year’s show with its dazzling costume changes, dance numbers and even a fiery piano!

8. Fishing for FICHE

With more than 2,000 attendees from all over the world, it can be intimidating to meet people at Empower. Luckily, attendees had custom bingo cards they could use to meet other people. By getting others to sign their “FICHE” cards, attendees got a chance to win free registration to Empower 2016—and make new friends, of course.

9. What’s In the Tin?

To promote his speaking session, Doug Miller of the Canadian Seed Grower’s Association brought a mysterious item to the conference and teased the reveal on Twitter.

So what was in the tin? Four pounds of staples from 109 years of seed inspection reports, now digitally archived in Laserfiche. Just imagine how much paper went with all those staples!

10. Rumble in the Jungle—Reunited

One of the most popular classes from Empower 2014 pitted Laserfiche Quick Fields and Laserfiche Workflow against each other, with the goal of discovering their optimal use cases. This year, the same panel of experts reunited—with the addition of a Laserfiche Forms representative! The session was lively, informative and filled with banter.

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