Create a central hub for law enforcement records

Securely manage arrest records, lab reports, photos, audio and video files from one system.
  • Link scanned documents, photographs and other items with CAD-RMS case files.
  • Provide officers with access to records from their squad cars.
  • Instantly search the full text of transcripts, witness statements and depositions.
  • Answer inquiries immediately with direct access to pleadings, filings, reports and more.

Securely share records between agencies

Expedite document review between court staff, attorneys and law enforcement.

  • Automatically notify attorneys of assigned cases and notify police when charges are filed.
  • Enable police officers to submit police reports, pre-trial motions and other documents electronically.
  • Maintain different levels of security for each type of document within a case file.
justice system

Enable mobile court case management

Enable instant information sharing between judges, clerks, attorneys and records managers.

  • Speed case review and processing with automated workflow steps that can be accessed on any device.
  • Enable judges to review and take action on case files through the Laserfiche Mobile app.
  • Automate case filing and records requests to free up staff time.

Improve legislative transparency

Deliver high-quality records to staff and the public with ease.

  • Enable citizens to view court opinions, agenda items on demand.
  • Publish an online public record complete with audio, video and supporting documents
  • Provide judges with real-time documentation in their chambers to perform remote video arraignments.

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