A Single Platform to Transform Service Delivery

Securely share information, manage records and increase transparency.
  • Increase interoperability with applications like CAD-RMS, GIS and more.
  • Enable information sharing on any device.
  • Digitize and safeguard documents to enhance security for effective recordkeeping.
  • Achieve greater accountability with efficient processing of records requests.

Modern and Secure Information Management

Empower your agency with actionable insights.

  • Enable informed decision-making with access to accurate and critical information.
  • Optimize multiagency operations with automated distribution of case knowledge.
  • Maintain information governance by generating audit reports and protecting content with layers of security.
Bringing content from multiple devices together with a central document repository.
Safeguard Records and Enhance Citizen Confidence

Safeguard Records and Enhance Citizen Confidence

Organize and manage records throughout their life cycle.

  • Preserve records integrity with DoD 5015.2 version 3-certified electronic records management.
  • Fulfill FOIA/FOIL inquiries and increase transparency with automated public records request processing.
  • Implement comprehensive security safeguards.

Accelerate Operations with Process Automation

Spend less time buried in paperwork and improve operational practices for enhanced service delivery.

  • Transform talent acquisition and facilitate reputable credentialing with robust HR automation tools.
  • Identify inefficiencies with dashboards and reporting tools.
  • Leverage scalable solutions that enable good stewardship of taxpayer resources.
Accelerate Operations with Process Automation

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