Since its founding in 1958, Arthur McKay has established its credentials as one of the top building services and maintenance contractors in the U.K. The company embraces the very latest technology to provide quality, value and innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs.

So it’s only logical that when staff sought to streamline business processes, reduce paper consumption and improve their clients’ access to information, they chose a document management solution with an equally impressive track record of innovation.

By implementing Laserfiche digital document management, Arthur McKay has optimised their business processes and realised a vast improvement in their quality of client service.

With business booming—and paperwork proliferating as a result—Arthur McKay needed to drastically reduce the amount of time it took to process project files, says Account Manager Ian Westwater. “Business was expanding,” he explains, “and the amount of paper documentation was increasing every day. In addition, storage space was at a premium.”

Westwater describes the days before implementing Laserfiche, when inefficiency plagued staff and consumed valuable time and resources: “We would search for documents, only to discover that on occasion they were filed incorrectly—or not at all.”

After considering several ways to make critical information accessible to staff, Arthur McKay chose a Laserfiche document management solution, placing special importance on support from Capital Solutions, their local Laserfiche reseller. “A key reason for choosing Laserfiche,” says Westwater, “was our confidence that our reseller would provide the correct solution to meet our needs.”

Not all staff members shared that confidence in the new system, however. This initial scepticism revealed the importance of communicating clearly during implementation. “Initially, some users did not have a full understanding of the system and the reasons for implementing it. However, with some further training, staff were quick to acknowledge how straightforward and user-friendly the system is.”

It wasn’t long after the additional training that staff began scanning documents into Laserfiche—and realising the benefits of having information at their fingertips. An average of 3,000 new documents, consisting of 10,000 pages, enter the Laserfiche repository every week.

For the staff who process these documents, Laserfiche has made a dramatic difference in the amount of time it takes to make them available across the firm. From engineering reports and time sheets to compliance certificates and risk assessments, each construction project generates a number of common documents. Thanks to the Quick Fields™ module’s automated forms-processing capabilities, staff now capture and index these documents in a matter of minutes, rather than the hours it took before Laserfiche.

“Staff scan documents into Laserfiche at all stages of an individual project as soon as possible,” Westwater explains. “Once a document becomes ‘live,’ staff can access it instantly, which greatly simplifies communication.”

The improved time-to-availability has proven critical to successfully completing projects on time. With branch offices located in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, and with work sites all over the U.K., it’s essential for staff to have fast access to project files, so they can communicate and collaborate quickly and effectively.

“Using the Laserfiche search tool to locate documents has greatly improved efficiency,” Westwater says, “not to mention the reduced stress and frustration.”

But staff aren’t the only ones taking advantage of instant information access. Westwater reports that clients themselves appreciate the convenience of quickly and securely viewing project files—which, thanks to the Web Access™ module, they can do from the work site, at their home or at the office. Web Access offers user-specific, password-protected remote access to the Laserfiche repository, so customers can check the status of their projects from anywhere with an Internet connection. “Being able to retrieve documents from Laserfiche gives our customers confidence that projects are proceeding according to plan,” he says.

Likewise, he notes, Laserfiche helps to give auditors confidence that Arthur McKay is operating in compliance with industry and government regulations. “The building services sector generates a large number of documents related to compliance and legislation, which are audited both by internal and external parties,” Westwater says. “Storing these files in Laserfiche allows auditors freedom of access to their requested information, along with an assurance that they are viewing authentic documents.”

In addition, Laserfiche helps Arthur McKay manage documents related to its numerous accreditations, including ISO 9001 (quality management) and 14001 (environmental management) standards. Through Laserfiche, certification parties can easily monitor live and archived documents to ensure that Arthur McKay employs consistent business processes and quality control measures. And with regards to environmentally-sound business practices, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Laserfiche has promoted a significant reduction in paper consumption.

Of course, the most important benefit of implementing Laserfiche has been the improved level of client service. “The ease with which stakeholders can view documents, and the confidence they have in the authenticity of the documents,” Westwater says, “have been the most positive results of implementing Laserfiche.”

Laserfiche has also improved staff’s ability to deliver more flexible, more responsive service. “We carry out a standard procedure for all projects,” Westwater explains. “However, some procedures must be adapted depending on the clients’ requests. By enabling clients to view project files in Laserfiche, we’ve simplified communication regarding these special requests.”

As more and more prospective customers get word of Arthur McKay’s quality of service, the company will only continue to grow. Along with the firm’s recent opening of their London office, staff at the Glasgow branch are preparing to move into a bigger office building, at which point the firm’s Laserfiche installation is set to expand. Until then, Arthur McKay will continue to enjoy the increased efficiency that Laserfiche has brought—and continue passing it on to clients in the form of better service.

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