Khan’s SUPA IGA Supermarket Group was established in 1981, currently operating 11 supermarket locations across NSW, Australia. It provides a wide range of products and value-added services at each location. The company also supports communities via the IGA Community Chest Program and employment opportunities, staffing over 800 people across all stores.

Since implementing Laserfiche, Khan’s SUPA IGA Supermarket Group has experienced a true digital transformation, increasing efficiency and transparency in accounts payable and other key financial and inventory-management processes, and improving relationships with suppliers and communities.

“Using Laserfiche, important documents can be quickly uploaded and delivered to our head office,” says Faisal R. Bajwa, group controller manager at Khan’s SUPA IGA. “This has significantly reduced labor costs and paperwork, and allows us to quickly make decisions and improve key business relationships.”

This digital transformation also came at a pivotal moment: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Laserfiche was instrumental in enabling the company to respond to a 600% increase in work volume compared to the same period last year — with the same amount of staff and without any operational disruptions.

From 10 Hours to an Instant

Lacking an existing digital document and records management system, the team at Khan’s SUPA IGA sought to resolve inefficiencies in their manual and paper-based invoice submission and approval system — delivering paper invoices to remote store branches regularly required a 10-hour drive. Approving paper invoices was also a tedious process where manila envelopes were passed between different members of the finance team for review. These challenges represented a huge investment in time and company resources, resulting in a lack of transparency for the head office as invoices were collated manually at different store locations.

Khan’s SUPA IGA recognized an opportunity for digitally transforming the creditor invoicing process, and decided to implement a Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) system for its expansive document storage and workflow modelling capabilities.

“Laserfiche could not only hold documents, but the workflow modelling tool and the ability to use data and scripting to generate reports was seen as a huge advantage,” said Bajwa.

Using Laserfiche, the Khan’s SUPA IGA team fully digitalized and automated the invoice approval process. Important documents no longer need to be shipped from remote store locations to the head office; now, after the finance manager performs a general review of received invoices, they are scanned into the Laserfiche repository. A Laserfiche Workflow completes the approval process and exports to a third-party accounting program called Attache. Thus, all invoices are processed in real time as they arrive at each store location. Because Khan’s SUPA IGA now has a more accurate view into products and purchases, the organization has also reduced the frequency of in-store inventory, and eliminated errors and issues such as over-purchasing.

The organization has additionally been able to leverage Laserfiche analytics features to generate profit and loss (P&L) reports to enable better control of company finances. This has resulted in streamlined resource allocation and control over in-store operations, helping to save one full-time equivalent (FTE) investment in the early stages of Laserfiche use.

The company’s efforts in digitizing important documents and collaborating via Laserfiche has also improved occupational health and safety standards during the COVID-19 pandemic. By eliminating hard copy paper invoices and the need to exchange materials physically, Khan’s SUPA IGA staff can carry out invoicing processes remotely to minimize physical contact. In addition to achieving business continuity, this has supported community efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, and has enhanced employee and community safety during periods where working from home is necessary.

Khan's SUPA IGA storefront

Transforming the Client and Customer Service Experience

Khan’s SUPA IGA Supermarket Group has been able to transform the way the organization handles invoicing and accounts payable processes company-wide. The Laserfiche initiative has already saved a substantial amount of time and enhanced visibility and control over resources from individual store locations to the head office.

The ability to upload and store invoices in one central digital location has helped resolve the primary challenges paper documents presented, allowing the AP team, finance manager, CFO and external auditors to easily search and instantly access invoices and related information. When working with Metcash, a major product distribution company, Khan’s SUPA IGA used Laserfiche to automatically reconcile invoices by matching with the appropriate statements or goods receipts, reducing costs and increasing transparency. In addition to saving employees up to four days manually finalizing invoices, this implementation has helped save AU$40,000 (US$27,960*).  

Khan’s SUPA IGA Supermarket Group has reclaimed significant time for other company tasks and initiatives, allowing employees to more quickly engage with suppliers and vendors and offer better service to customers. Along with improved company and customer relationships, their implementation represents a total savings of AUD$280,000 (US$195,697*) per year, on top of the priceless health and safety of Khan’s employees and the communities they serve.

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*USD conversion subject to current exchange rate



Savings Per Year

AUD$280,000 (US$195,697*)

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